Jenny Irene Designs

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inspired by travel and motherhood

We are a rambling family, this little bohemian pack of mine.  Before the kids, we roamed and collected and cobbled together a little nook for ourselves.  After our first daughter was born, it felt urgent to build a lovely little nest for our sweet babe.  I wanted her to see beauty everywhere she looked.  We moved to the beach, took her down to the water so she could curl her toes in the sand.  We walked under the cypress and eucalyptus and her little mouth was a tiny "o" of wonder.  I filled our tiny apartment with as many soft and lovely and meaningful things as I could.  I knitted her little elf hats, sewed her soft shoes, made tiny dresses out of fabric we'd collected in India, Hawaii, California, Cambodia.  

Our second daughter was born and suddenly these little lovely things were a lifeline back to myself.  A periscope out of the milky coma of motherhood and back into the world of beauty and travel.  And now this little flock of mine is solidifying, and I want to carve out a better world for these girls.  A world where they can roam without fear and be the strong, fierce little people they are in the safe nest we've built. 

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